Friday, June 20, 2008

Etchells "Black Magic" approaches the finish at Heron Lake

Carol Anne and Gerald on the Etchells "Black Magic" approach the finish line. With a small crew, sometimes strong winds, and a broken console (that held the mainsheet and other controls), they had to forgo hoisting a chute, but still made very fast time.

The Etchells USA 125 approaches the pin at the finish of the Summer Breeze I regatta at Heron Lake. In the background can be seen the southeastern shore of Heron Lake, a high-altitude no-visible wake lake popular with anglers who prize its cold-water species such as big lake trout and kokanee salmon. Heron Lake is in far northern New Mexico, only about 15 miles south of the Colorado border. It is one of very few freshwater lakes where

Just after the finish, Black Magic continues to charge downwind.

After the finish, Black Magic heads up a little higher to make for the Narrows on the afternoon of June 14th, 2008, at Heron Lake, New Mexico.


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