Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Deadly Sins of Race Management

The flip side… The Deadly Sins of Race Management

X Forgetting to check permits, insurance, volunteers, notices

X Omitting written instructions or using NORs & SIs that don’t meet standards

X Not training volunteers

X Not checking r.c. boats and equipment before the race

X Changing NORs or SIs during a skippers’ meeting

X Using a start line that is out of square or the wrong length

X Setting marks or anchors badly

X Putting the signal boat on the wrong end of the line

X Mismatching courses to weather and boats

X Starting or continuing a race when boats can’t maneuver safely

X Not correcting an error in the start sequence

X Not shortening, changing, or abandoning racing when needed for fairness, safety, or practicality

X Making improper communications … not knowing what to say or not say

X Leaving conditions or incidents unrecorded

X Failing to finish, record, or score boats correctly within the limits of the rules

X Not following correct protest procedures, not protesting when appropriate


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