Friday, November 30, 2007

Snow at Heron Lake Marina, New Mexico

Last Saturday, Nov. 24, 2007, I checked on the Heron Lake Marina and brought down some work materials. The docks were covered in about 4 inches of snow. Interestingly, it looked as though someone else had visited the marina earlier in the day, in spite of the marina being closed. The marina is marked as closed with signs at the locked gate at the base of the point and at the top of the trail going down to the marina.

View to the south and southwest, with the boat ramp in the distance and the pavilion and gangway extension in the foreground. Little work could be done on Saturday, November 24, 2007, because of the snow that fell on the day after Thanksgiving.

Below can be seen A dock, the marina pavillion, and gangway extension, all covered in fresh snow from Friday's wintery blast.

To the west is The Narrows. A path has been shoveled along one side of the connecting walkway, but the rest remains buried in several inches of snow.


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