Sunday, November 04, 2007

End of season, Heron Lake Marina, New Mexico Sailing Club

Marina pavilion and A and B docks at the Heron Lake Marina at the end of the season. The long trusses that normally lie under the ends of the finger piers on B and C docks have been raised to near the surface to be out of harm's way in case the lake level goes down too far before next spring's snowmelt runoff. A dock, which was replaced in 2006, does not have a deep substructure, so it doesn't have any underwater trusses and is able to lie on the bottom should the cove ever dry out again. Saturday's work party raised the last truss on C dock, completed the widening of the connecting walkway, prepared the gangway extension float to receive a gangway, and finished putting away the marina for the winter.
B and C docks at the Heron Lake Marina. The Marina is owned and operated by the New Mexico Sailing Club as a concessionaire of the New Mexico State Parks. Slips can be rented for the seasonf rom the club, and are generally available from May through October.


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