Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Thing, aka Pat's trimaran

Constructed of planks joining encased foam floats, the "trimaran" is actually a support for a gangway extension. A 32-foot gangway is to be placed on top of most of the float, jacked up onto supports, and linked to the swinging gangway shown at top left. This should extend the gangway system enough so that these gangways can be connected to the 64-long gangway that is now resting on the marina point. Of course, quite a bit of work still remains to be done, including preparation of a skidway or runway for the top of the long gangway, and hoisting of the long gangway into position. Behind the swinging gangway is the point at which the gangways will be aimed.

Willow Creek boat ramp in background. Planking partially completed on gangway extension.

Swinging gangway in center, long gangway visible in distant background on marina point.

South end of A dock and the Narrows in background.


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