Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A weekend at the club ... studying

The Houston Yacht Club overlooks the upper end of Galveston Bay from its location in Shore Acres. We spent most of our waking hours in a room called the "Porthole", studying sailboat regatta management at the US Sailing Advanced Race Management Seminar, then taking our essay and objective exams. Now that we've passed, we need to get a lot of experience helping run regattas, especially in larger or more formally organized (particularly for regional or national certifcation) races outside New Mexico.

So close to the water and so close to so many pretty boats ... and we didn't get out on the water for even the briefest sail. Next time we're in the neighborhood?

Heavy traffic is common on Galveston Bay; sailors are wise to respect the Law of Gross Tonnage.

In the background, a dredge works to keep the Houston ship channel navigable.

Crew works at the crane.

So close to so many boats.


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