Friday, February 02, 2007

Sail ahoy!

A beautiful day for a downwind run. USA 38 is thought to be one of the last Etchells built by Skip Etchells at the Old Connecticut Boatworks and is the senior member of the new USA Etchells Fleet 31 now being formed in the southwestern US. Unlike most Etchells fleets, which are based in a single harbor or at most scattered among a few yacht clubs or otherwise in close proximity, Etchells Fleet 31 will represent go-fast sailors in west Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and possibly beyond. Fleet 31 will also be the highest-altitude Etchells fleet in the world; the lakes that are home to Fleet 31's boats range from about 4,400 feet (1 340 m) above sea level to 9,017 feet (almost 2 750 m) high.


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