Wednesday, November 08, 2006

women's sailing and Etchells fleet in formation

At a post-race dinner following the start of fall racing, our racing chairman explained how 2007’s format for the Adams Cup women’s team racing will differ from what was done this past spring here in New Mexico.

Essentially, each team will be responsible for its own training, organization, and logistics. Based on expected limited demand for women to compete locally on this year's more sophisticated and locally less common boat, the sailing clubs in our area would not anticipate hosting a local quarterfinals. Instead, they would most likely work with the regional sailing association to choose teams to compete in the semi-finals in Texas. The top team from the semis will go on to the national finals in September in San Diego.

Based on proposals by our commodore-nominee and others, the Rio Grande Sailing Club may be focusing on sail training (for youth, women, men, everyone) in the coming year, along with expanding club services.

Let us know what you'd like the sailing club to do and how it could be more useful to you.

Carol Anne is looking for one or two women for her team, along with alternates, support team, and women who want to try a taste of racing on a fast boat. Experience is far less important than enthusiasm, energy, availability, and willingness to learn. The idea is to work hard enough to be good, but have fun while doing it. For anyone who might want to try things a little slower, we could offer rides during non-race times or on other boats such as our MacGregor 26.

Also, we're helping form an Etchells fleet for the mountain west. As I post this, a fifth Etchells is moving into our region, with at least one other likely to follow very early next year. Look for more announcements abut the Etchells fleet soon. We are active members of the class and have information and materials from the International Etchells Class Association to share with anyone who'd like to be part of this exciting venture. Contact me, Carol Anne, Larry, or Frank if you'd like to be one of the founding members of the fleet.


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