Thursday, October 19, 2006


Last Saturday and Sunday nights (after visiting the house of many cats), I shared a roof with:

6 humans
1 half-coyote dog
1 cockatoo
1 Amazonian grey parrot
1 skunk (unaltered/intact)
1 python
100 koi (give or take) and several algae-eating fish
1 python
2 western diamondback rattlesnakes
4 black-tailed rattlers (croatalus mossalus mossalus), several prarie and assorted other rattlers and critters ... probably I missed counting several. But, the pygmy goats were outside. And, I had a great night's sleep after the rainstorm passed through El Paso late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. The nice thing about animals is that they often have better manners and do a better job of following the Golden Rule than some humans. I also learned the some orchids are "cats".


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