Wednesday, November 08, 2006

RGSC update and announcements

Desert Classic Regatta, November 11 - 12, 2006
(Veteran's Day Nov. 11)
Committee boat helpers needed.
Foghorn articles wanted.
Social update.
Boat wanted for NMSU sailing.

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Subject: RGSC Announcement

Please pass on:
Everyone welcome. Come race, watch or just enjoy.


at Elephant Butte Lake:
Saturday 11th:
10:00 am at Elephant Butte Inn
1:00 pm First Gun at Committee Boat
6:30 pm Dinner at the Elephant Butte Inn

Sunday 12th:
10:00 am First Gun at Committee Boat

Richard Dittmar, Commodore


Committee boat helpers are very much needed for this weekend and beyond. Please contact Charlie A. or the race committee if you can help this weekend or in the future.

Boat wanted.
And, from Peter * at New Mexico State University:

Pat, I think that in the far distant past you and I had talked about trying to acquire a boat for the NMSU recreation department. As you may be aware we are to offer a course - beginning sailing (1 credit hour PE course) - this next spring semester. Rich and Sue * are to teach the sailing theory part (small boat certification), and Ben * will teach the basic boating part. Additionally there will be two days on the water at Elephant Butte.

My question to you is - can we put an ad. in the next copy of the Foghorn asking for a boat donation for the NMSU Recreation Dept.? The donation I believe would be a 100% tax deduction. I will be bringing my Compac 16 up to the Butte sometime before Xmas - my wife wants it out of the driveway before I bring down my Albin Vega from Oak Harbor, Washington for cosmetic work prior to putting her in the water again. I am currently in the process of trying to purchase a 1991 truck to tow her down here with.

I had been going to go to the lake a couple of weeks ago but the weather was terrible and so Rich suggested, and I agreed that that weekend was not to be! Peter


And, for your social calendar:

Fleet hosts for socials are Bob & Patt for December
Jeff and Robin for January
William & Jane for Feburary
S _____ for March (help! - who signed up?), and
Perry & Barb for April

The Foghorn needs your articles!


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