Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sailing champions unless....

Larry knows of lots of gung-ho, committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, masterful, confident would-be sailing champions who'll do anything to win trophies....

Unless it costs too much, or
Unless they have to train for hours and hours, or
Unless it's too hot / cold / wet / windy / boring / scary to be fun, or
Unless they'd rather party and goof off, or
Unless the weather forecast isn't 100% perfect, or
Unless wind, water, waves, and course conditions don't meet their one area of expertise,
Unless it's too far or inconvenient to get to sailable water very often,
Unless they're expected to volunteer to help with race committee and sailing club jobs,
Unless they have to concentrate on doing their assigned crew job,
Unless the race committee assigns a course that they're not used to sailing,
Unless they have to pay their share of the bar tab or other expenses,
Unless they're asked to help less fortunate sailors,
Unless they're asked to train green young crew,
Unless they have to buy new or better sails,
Unless the skipper tells them to learn something new,
Unless they have to adapt to new crewmates, boats, or sailing conditions,
Unless the instructor doesn't let them lecture and show off how smart they are,
Unless there's a good drink special at the club bar,
Unless they have to help put away and clean the boat,
Unless they have to inspect, clean, tune, and maintain the hull and rig,
Unless they have to sail against better sailors and can't stand to get beat by them, or
Unless they can't buy a top boat and crew and then hire a truck to load the trophies, or
Unless their family doesn't want them to sail, or
Unless they don't get a favorable handicap rating,
Unless their significant other needs help shopping for shoes,
Unless they have to feed and groom their pet rocks,
Unless they can't bully fellow racers and the protest committee,
Unless there's a good sale somewhere or an important game or soap on the telly, or
Unless they have to pay attention to and observe the top sailors, or
Unless the top sailors are racing against them that weekend,
Unless they have to learn the rules, or
Unless the wind changes,
Unless they have to fix things that break, or
Unless someone tells them to stop daydreaming and focus on their job,
Unless they need to put sailing on hold to chat on the phone or do some stock trades on a Blackberry, or
Unless they have to study weather and local conditions, or
Unless they need to thoroughly prepare their boat, or
Unless they have to study and understand books and stay awake while watching videos and them practice what they read and watch, or
Unless they have to read the compass or do math,
Unless it means studying competitors' boats, strengths & limitations, tactics, and habits, or,
Unless it means accepting fair criticisms and being willing to change bad habits, or
Unless they realize they're not smarter than the coach after a few lessons, or
Unless they need to beat the bushes for crew, pay crew expenses, and take responsibility for crew and crew training.
Unless they have to be nice to their crew, race committee, and fellow competitors, or
Unless they have to travel and spend time, money, and must concentrate and take notes to learn from top competitors, coaches, regattas, and programs, or
Unless it involves listening to advice from the right places, or
Unless they never run out of excuses for losing.

Got any more you could add to the list?


At 2:13 AM, August 27, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...hres an update for you...you know how you were admiring the new jib halyard we have on 38...with the little metal ball that hook on the little hook on the back of the cuddy....well Captain George and your truly took a long sail tonight down to sports Adventure looking to tune a bit the the newly redone Kachina, the wind freshened and we thought we would try our new jib halyard fine tune when..pop... the little balls broke off and down came the jib..halyard and all...Tues or Wed.. george will climb the mast and try to feed the new one down the mast ( same as on 125)..Good news BOR told Claudia Friday...no more water out of Butte , also she has some new web site that updates water thru out the day at 8:00am Saturday..lake was 4323 and at 6:00pm saturday 4324 !!!! Good chance this Rock Canyon could move by the time the Fall Series starts, told Claudia to keep a slip for you guys and Black Magic...Sorry missed you last week..Zorro had a mishap with a new silk shirt, a fire, and a serious burn on his lower back. hoping you guys will be back at the largest lake in NM next week end


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