Thursday, August 17, 2006

Team Accomplishments, August 11-18

Team Black Magic:

Friday, August 11 Rigged and re-launched USA 125 (finishing the job in the rain and dark but still getting a little quicker and better at it).

Sat., Aug. 12 Some marina work plus got in a quick sail before the weather closed in.

Sun., Aug. 13 Got in a really nice sail across the lake and back. Also worked on marina, installed drainage under path.

Mon., Aug. 14 Ordered boat stuff (sail numbers, sails, etc.).

Tues., Aug. 15 Crew members Tad & Pat sailed with fleet (in-formation) capt. Zorro and met new Etchells sailor George at Elephant Butte and discussed work needed on USA 38, 125, and 438 as well as crew situation, training, travel plans, and regatta organization.

Weds., Aug. 16 Sent out sail club info and started some publicity and preparation for the Sunrise Regatta. Tad & Pat taught sailboat safety at boy scout meeting in prep for scouts to learn sailing at Heron later this summer.

Thurs., Aug 17 Tad got his new eyeglasses -- again at last we have a foredeck crew who can see! Also received sail numbers from North Sails San Diego Loft. Awaiting two used jibs. Picked up tools for sailing club work at Heron marina, paid boat insurance, paid bills, etc., so we'll be able to order more boat stuff next week. Got skipper beverages.

To be added: Carol Anne's boat work or sailing up at Heron while her crew was down in Albuquerque.


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