Monday, March 27, 2006

Lake levels in New Mexico

Heron Lake is at 7133.02 feet elevation with 155,620 acre feet (39% full). The marina is mostly in about seven feet of water, but the A-B end truss and the B-C connecting walkway are grounded in shallower areas. The contractors can take about another 8,000 acre feet from the lake. Spring runoff is expected to be much less than average, though likely sufficient for some good summer sailing. It is likely that the marina would suffer a very hard, possibly multi-year grounding if left in place this coming fall and winter.

Elephant Butte Lake is at 4336.74 feet elevation with 463,079 acre feet (about 23% full). Spring irrigation is bringing the lake down, but at a very moderate rate and conditions for the rest of the spring should be very good for sailing.

Late summer and early fall conditions may not be so good if the most recent projections from the State Engineer's Office hold true. These projections show the lake dropping to levels possibly approaching those of the 2004 drought year (although the reality in 2004 was not as bad as initially projected and good spring or summer rains could likewise improve the prognosis for the Butte).


At 12:42 PM, March 31, 2006, Blogger Tillerman said...

Sounds tricky. Hope you get rain soon.


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