Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Aquatic depression designed as receptacle for excess cash:

Or, a boat is a hole in the water...

Carol Anne got a great bargain on her boat. Now comes the expensive part, starting with the trip to retrieve her new baby.

$ for direct expenses
510 trip to purchase tackle and line for mast-moving system,
miscellanous hardware, parts to repair trailer jack and connector,
tactics book, repair supplies, lube
What are the differences among,
McLube, dry lube, and wench lube
and what is the proper use and application for each?)
140 hand bearing compass and two protest flags
292 boatyard bill; pull mast, haul boat on Travelift, pressure wash,
1 quart of paint to touch up hull (@ $38/quart)
144 boat compass
160 4 quarts bottom paint
77 ratchet cams and straps to attach boat to trailer
($ 1,323)

$ for other trip expenses:
410 airline tickets, ABQ LAX and return for Pat and Gerald
40 rental car
285 motel
25 rental car fuel
50 grocery store, supplies and beverages for crew
418 diesel truck fuel to be reimbursed to owner
20 tip at dinner
140 Saturday lunch for crew
8 Saturday night dinner (In n Out Burger) for Pat & Gerald
after Carol Anne & crew left for New Mexico
21 sourvenir burgee from Ventura Y.C.
23 coastal access book souvenir from Channel Islands Natl. Park h.q.
13 overpriced airport food
9 shuttle parking lot
($ 1,462)

$ Future expenses (no doubt more will occur to me)
40 registration
159 t-bar masthead bracket
200 insurance
400 minor fairing/sanding
40 small Windex
2 bucket (required by state of New Mexico)
125 mast butt mover parts
90 class association, hull certificate
5 PHRF certificate
300 used mainsail
125 used jib
125 replacement tiller
150 (small) LifeSling
150 auto-inflatable PFD (for third crew member) or float coat
125 miscellaneous safety gear to meet requirements
500 small, used, removable outboard motor for trailering, bad weather plus
removable motor mount
10 fuel and oil for outboard, 1 season
500 replacement sheets and halyards (before next season?)
1,250 parts to build trailer - - later this spring ?
150 big rope, chocks (for use with boat trailer)
1,500 slip/storage yard fees,
300 race registration fees,
2,000 custom spinnaker - - maybe this fall
$,$$$ lodging, travel, crew expense, send skipper to J World / racing school, ??
$,$$$ ????


At 7:39 PM, March 07, 2006, Blogger Tillerman said...

Sounds like enough this weekend alone to buy 3 new Lasers for you, Gerald and Carol Anne - and then you're all set.

At 3:14 PM, March 08, 2006, Blogger Pat said...

Yeah but we already have 3 Sunfish that aren't getting used and a Snark and a couple of kayaks -- what more would a small-boat sailor ever want?

Besides, I don't think a Laser would be nearly fast enough for Carol Anne.

At 12:35 PM, March 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching Carol Anne broach her new boat ---- PRICELESS

At 1:25 PM, March 13, 2006, Blogger Pat said...

What a thoughtful, considerate, fun idea. Usually broaches aren't part of racing drills. But, especially since broaches can happen to even the most skilled skippers, especially competitive skippers driving their boats hard in competition, maybe Carol Anne could throw some in as part of shakedown trials. With equipment functioning properly and a steady crew, broach recovery, at least under jib and main, wouldn't be all that big a deal for Carol Anne; with practice it can be very quick and the crew can be back racing without losing much time to other boats. Of course, a spinnaker broach is a whole 'nother story; practicing those might have to be a light-air exercise with a sail that we don't mind abusing.


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