Friday, February 10, 2006

this week's update

Ah, the joys of multi-tasking and administrivia. It would be nice to say that exciting things had been happening - - and they have, but I've only been an occasional spectator. For me, this has been a sort of in-between time, where I've been running lots of errands and doing chores to get ready for the next rounds of activity. Some of these are even vaguely sailing related; doing research to answer questions for the sailing clubs, sending out membership renewal reminders, talking to prospective members, and watching sailing videos with Carol Anne. Otherwise, the last few weeks have been almost low-key; chauffering WMCIK around to all of his winter concerts and lessons and meetings, working on recovering from the cold bug, doing the laundry, sending in membership forms (Friends of Heron and El Vado Lakes, US Sailing, etc.) blah, blah.

Also, this week has seen a lot of change, shuffling, and suspense about sailing plans. The originally scheduled date of May 5 through 7 for the Adams Cup (women's team championships) regional regatta got blown to bits when the semi-finals were scheduled for the same weekend at Lake Travis in Texas. Normally, the semis are much later, well into summer. But, the prior weekend was going to have all sorts of J-boat folks in Texas for a national competition. So, the regional regatta at Elephant Butte Lake will probably be either the weekend of April 1st or the weekend of April 22nd. Stay tuned, sports fans.

Oh well. Maybe next week I'll get to the "Foghorn" newsletter and also have a bunch of pictures to post here. This weekend I should at least be able to watch as some of the women practice their sailing skills down at the lake and perhaps get some photos.


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