Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekend wrap

Maybe now that I'm feeling healthier this blog will get some more interesting stories and pictures.

This weekend was a bit disjointed for our family; Carol Anne traveled south on Friday to get ready for Adams Cup practice but Gerald and I stayed in town so he could get in a music lesson and then play the bass viol with the Albuquerque Youth Orchestra at Cottonwood Mall on Albuquerque's "West Side". Two other bassists were absent, but Gerald and the two others present laid down the beat for the youth orchestra. They'll also have a concert on Tuesday and another one next Saturday, and all of this is following a trip to southern New Mexico where the orchestra played for an audience of more than 2,000 in Carlsbad, NM, so Gerald's gotten a whole lot of great exposure as a musician.

Driving south immediately afterward, we were able to catch up with the Rio Grande Sailing Club folks at the dinner and awards ceremony for the Frostbite Regatta. Nine boats had started the distance race that afternoon in light, variable winds. Because Sue, the regular skipper and co-owner of the J-24 "Kachina" (and several other boats), was absent, Carol Anne got to drive Kachina in her first-ever real race as a skipper and had a lot of fun. (Ask her how she did or check out Tired, bruised, and bloodied but incredibly satisfied after a long weekend of sailing, Carol Anne would only admit to having had enough for the moment - - but is eagerly looking forward to the next weekend on the water.

Today, some of the ladies practiced on the former "Jaywalker/Icebreaker" while other folks took part in a three-hour RGSC board meeting that discussed the club budget and policies for operating the mast-up storage lot, for which the club will take over management duties next week. It looks like we'll soon have an official club mule (even if the goat is the navy's mascot and the mule the army's, in our world the mule will be busy protecting our dry-sailed fleet).


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