Monday, August 08, 2005

2005, August 8, Monday; El Presidente Bush plus boat in water

By now the President has left my workplace so things should be getting back to normal. Okay, so he was at an auditorium a few blocks away, but the visit by him and our senators and other high muckety-mucks did create a bit of a stir.

Meanwhile, Philee and Jerry are back in Albu-turkey to do some serious film editing and this afternoon they plan to bring a serious weapon into the editing suite; Gerald will accompany them.

We launched and put our boat into the Heron marina yesterday -- the insurance coverage became effective Friday and we look forward to lots of sailing and boating out of there in the coming weekends. Heron Lake is of course one of our favorite places in the world. The surrounding trees, cliffs, and mountains are gorgeous of course, and the lake itself has many moods, from lazy warm calm summer hours and clear cold crystalline nights with diamond-hard-bright stars to the roar of tempest-tossed winds and waves.


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