Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Prague Trip Report, Part 7

At left: Gerald B., Laura Leigh, Phil S.

Friday, May 6, 2005 –
Late wakeup. Gerald had his final lesson with Christina at 11 a.m., learned he wouldn’t be in the “family concert” at Liechtenstein Palac (the one of that name that’s a few blocks west of the Karlovy most) after all. We walked up a long steep hill to the A. Dvořak Museum in a former aristocratic “Villa America” in Albertov between Vysehrad and Novem’esto. Nice talk with desk attendant, who has children who play viola and cello, and make cellos. Beautiful painted trompe l’oieul ceiling in main room upstairs with some mischievous cherubs, one of which reminded Carol Anne of cousin Andrew in his younger years. Bought some CDs and cards as souvenirs. Returned in the rain.

Dinner with about 100 friends and family and "cast members" (celebrating completion of movie filming) was held in a pub reserved for the group, the Kavarna nus reci pub in Bezrucovy sady park away from tourist areas. We took a couple of trams out, then walked a couple of blocks and downhill to the pub. Most of us held back on going inside at first, because the new couple and brother Jerry hadn’t arrived and because it was smoky inside. Carol Anne went in, so she could rest her aching feet and try to soothe her parched throat, but had an embarrassing moment when her lack of Czech vocabulary left her unable to prove that she belonged there and nearly got her tossed out of the joint and was in need of rescue. Fortunately, Jerry Seeger and other guests arrived before long and we were able to unload goodies from cars and get started on the party.

Jiři made sure to bring lots of Moravian wine in addition to the Czech beer (special unpasteurized brew) that was already there in great abundance. (One gate crasher had to be escorted out.) A lot of folks had worked hard to prepare a potluck buffet to add to our experience of the Czech foods that we'd enjoyed the previous days. We had a nice visit with Jaroslav "Jerry" formerly of Canada whose son had once worked in Albuquerque, Andrew, and lots of other folks. Gerald got out on the dance floor with his new New York model friend, Laura Lee, as the Peruvian band played its melodies. We made last-minute “plans” to transfer the following morning to the “crash pad” apartment and meet with Philee the next day. Some of us had not survived the onslaught of jet lag, cobblestones, steep hills, rich cuisine, pivo (beer), and vino completely intact, so we edged out the door to return to our hotel.

Partying was still going very strong when we left with lots of cast members from the movie shoot joining in and a group of folks outside the pub who wanted to reassure us that they loved us Americans, Bush and all, so I told them “Libi se mi Cesky”; roughly “I like Czech” or as close as I could come. Some of us helped the less steady members of our group down the hill to the tram stop. We talked with several young adult guys on the tram who were quite curious about us Americans; this was our first encounter with unreserved Czechs in such a public setting. (Previously we’d noticed that Czechs don’t greet each other when out on the sidewalks, but do exchange greetings when going into a store, restaurant, etc. Not much sleep.

Wedding site: “It is a fifth day of week, but not Day off unfortunately, most of us will have a work day. According that we decided for a late Wedding party, so join us from 5pm and 5 minutes in Kafarna na kus reci in Prague 2, Bezrucovy sady 1. There will be a special unpasteurized beer Bernard (11), which you can to enjoy next to a long table full of yummy dishes as snacks.”


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