Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sunset Regatta (5b) Tanzer after rounding and S16 dinghy

The Santa Cruz 27 "Warm-n-Fuzzy" had followed a similar approach to the mark behind the Tanzer, and wound up stuck on a shoal about half a cable's length behind. But it was a heavier boat with a solo sailor and the skipper had to use its engine to free the boat (4111)

After several minutes of effort, the crew freed the Tanzer 7.5 by heeling (tilting) the boat and pushing it off the shoal and were able to sail to the windward mark near the south end of Elephant Butte Lake (4113)

Tanzer 7.5 safely around the mark -- and probably a few sighs of relief to be back in the hunt; in fact, the grounding delay was short enough that the boat was able to finish in a trophy position (4118)

S16 centerboard dinghy around the mark! This was a boat that didn't have to worry about groundings or getting clear of them and was well suited for the lake's very low water level. (4127)
S16 dinghy after her rounding, with her skipper and one of the West Mesa high school cadets on board (4129)


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