Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tea time tonight or ... ?

Will the Tea Party movement help or hurt the Republicans? Will they succeed in firing a big warning shot across the bow of SS "Business as Usual" Congress or will they shoot themselves and fellow conservatives in the foot? It's certainly been an interesting campaign season and maybe tonight we'll learn the answers to questions that waited upon the mid-term election.

To be fair to the Tea Partiers, I think a lot of the issues that are used to attack them aren't issues or beliefs that are central to the tea party core message of smaller, restrained, accountable government, which is more of a libertarian view. That is a message I can respect.

For myself, I'd also like to see much more of a customer-service orientation from our government, and something resembling greater respect for taxpayers. And, I'd love to see candidates who can get the things done that most Americans agree need doing, and not get hung up on fringe issues. Those are good things and don't have to have any necessary association with paranoid or kooky stuff. And weird stuff can be found at every extreme of the political compass, and certainly not just among tea partiers.

I like to think that were I forced to run for some office, I would make myself the country's most obnoxious and unlikeable candidate and tell people exactly what they do not want to hear. I'd blame voters for being lazy, not researching issues, and believing negative campaign ads. And I'd make sure that each special interest group got their share of criticism for wherever they fail to work for the common good. If I played my cards right, I could get both the National Rifle Association and the folks who want to ban guns to endorse the other candidate, and so on with all the other antagonistic groups. And I'd lash out at people in general for failing to support the American dream, ideals, and liberties in which they claim to believe.

By the way, I'm not a witch, but I did dabble with chocolate when I was in high school. I also believe that bears should not be armed unless they have completed a hunter safety course.

And I have been known to discriminate among vegetables; I much prefer crunchy carrots and celery, fresh spinach leaves, lightly steamed asparagus, and corn on the cob to candied rutabegas or sweet potatoes or boring old cauliflower.

And how did our county tax assessor mange to time it so that our property tax bill came to me two hours after I'd just voted?

Sailing connection? Oh yes, don't forget to mail in your ballots for the sailing club elections that are ongoing; Rio Grande Sailing Club ballots need to be submitted in time to be counted November 13th at the Commodore's Cup and southern fleet dinner at the Club Restaurant at the Turtleback Golf Resort in Elephant Butte.


At 3:23 AM, November 03, 2010, Blogger steve said...

Yes to the "customer service" concept. How about running it like a business that is fiscally responsible? What a novel concept.

National security is extremely important and so is educating the next generations of our offspring so that when I am older we will still be a "country" and not just a "market" that exists solely to up the GNP of foreign suppliers/govt's.

Our current system of "The Most Media Money Gets Me Elected" is just wrong! Especially when it is spent on junk slam attack blurbage ads. Where are the candidates that actually care?

I am with you on the veggies, and I also just rec'd the new property tax bill with a twenty percent increase here in Taos.

I voted and am sad to note that 75 percent of the people I know did not.

I am also sure that these are the most vocal about what the gov is doing wrong all the rest of the time.

Clear skies and fair winds to you sir,
Steve Nazelrod


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