Friday, August 27, 2010

Thoughts about Sailing in San Francisco

20. With wind, fog, treacherous topography, and strong currents, the sailing conditions are so bizarre that as a newcomer you're not expected to win your sailing race.

19. The conditions are so bizarre that as a newcomer you could get lucky and win your sailing race.

18. You can visit about two hundred marinas, yacht clubs, and water front restaurants without ever having to leave the bay.

17. You might be able to get in on the spectacle of America's Cup racing.

16. There might not be an America's Cup match in San Francisco, so there'll be more room for other sailors.

15. San Franciscans might feel sorry for sailors if the city messes up on the chance to host the Auld Mug race

14. Some of the yacht clubs are having membership specials this summer and waiving or reducing initiation fees.

13. The Potato Patch is not a place to do your vegetable shopping from your Laser. "You want fries with those breaking waves?"

12. You can ask the South Tower Monster to punish bad sailors.

11. People are quite concerned about illegal immigrants in a state where the governor has a pronounced foreign accent.

10. Keelboat owners can choose to keep their boats in fresh or salt water.

9. Fish tacos are a legitimate California achievement.

8. One of the most active Etchells fleets sails out of Brickyard Cove.

7. You can anchor in the south bay and try to catch a baseball.

6. Marina slip rentals in many areas (east or south bay or delta) are much cheaper than in LA or San Diego or other major cities.

5. Occasional earthquakes provide opportunities for urban renewal even if they can't shake up the political scene.

4. The Ghiradelli chocolate factory overlooks a nearby fleet of historic ships.

3. On summer days, you have a choice of sailing to several temperature zones, from chilly to hot.

2. If you're just visiting for a short term or have a small dinghy, you can laugh at the Californians who have to pay property tax on the mud under their boats in the marinas.

1. Most of the Great White Sharks stay well outside the Golden Gate, and prefer to hang around places like the Farallon Islands and eat seals or sea lions rather than normally inverted Laser sailors.


At 6:36 AM, August 28, 2010, Blogger Tillerman said...

Great job. O Docker could only come up with 10 reasons to sail in San Francisco - and only 4 of those made any sense to me.

At 4:29 PM, August 28, 2010, Blogger Pat said...

Also, I am advised that San Francisco is the true home and exporter of Sourdough Bread, and that the list of famous sailors hailing from San Francisco should include certain famous ocean-crossing bloggers.

But then, I should probably also add tram cars, the sites of the Dirty Harry movies, the Cliff House, Chinatown, the working model of the Bay, nearby Coast Redwoods (Semivipirens), side trips to wine country and Yosemite, and many hundreds of other attractions.

I may need support for a research trip out to the Bay next summer! Maybe a very cheap sub-let on a marina slip?


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