Friday, January 01, 2010

Last sail of the year 2009

On 2009's last day, I drove south to Elephant Butte Lake with Carol Anne and Gerald, arriving in the middle of the short winter afternoon. As we approached the lake, we could see but one sail upon the lake, and it was easy to predict that it would be Zorro's. This is a quiet time of year at the lake even in normal times, and with the state having employees such as state park rangers take furlough days and even closing parks on some days, it was even quieter.

Nonetheless, it didn't take too long for us to find ourselves out on the water for a nice hour and some before the sun dropped to the horizon and we had to return to the marina. Winds ranged from about two to seven knots, which made for a pleasant and rather relaxing sail. It felt right and good. Zorro had returned from further north and so the two Etchells, Constellation and Black Magic.

The sun set as we sailed back to the marina. The four of us on the two Etchells were the only boaters on the water at the lake at the time, and in all probability the last people to sail in New Mexico. We did get a few cell phone pictures that should be posted soon.

Happy New Year
Prospero an~o Nuevo!


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