Monday, November 30, 2009

View from the south boat ramp at Lake Pleasant

View to the west, toward the dam, at Lake Pleasant, Arizona, from the south boat ramp.

View to the northwest

View to the north

View to the northeast with marina's boat ramp in the distance

View to the east from the south boat ramp at Lake Pleasant, Arizona.


At 9:55 PM, December 03, 2009, OpenID bowsprite said...

wow wow wow. what beautiful photos on your site. You really sail, sail, sail, are one with the water! Is it done in lakes there, to boom in the boats? to keep antifouling and oils in? protect some parts of the lake? to make your course more challenging?

At 10:28 PM, December 03, 2009, Blogger Pat said...

The boom was placed by the marina owner to protect the marina from boat wakes... with some debate about how close it was put to the boat ramp; originally it was even closer.

The boom does make it harder for engineless sailboats to navigate from the south boat ramp to and from the lake and does increase the congestion near the boat ramp during popular sailing days.

At 9:12 PM, December 07, 2009, OpenID bowsprite said...

thank you. And you were quite right about the camels helping ships over humps! I never knew! Old Salt Blog found a patent Lincoln had for such a camel. I shall amend the post, thank you!


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