Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick scorecard

As of January 26, 2009

9 days sailing including 1 day of racing

3 days race committee

1 kayak mini-adventure

Nautical days
Jan. 1, Thurs., "football break with Zorro"
Jan. 3, Sat., with Ribbons & crew on Caliente
Jan. 4, Sun., long day with two trips out on Constellation and long trip up to Monticello and Barney's
Jan. 9, Fri., fairly long trip north on Constellation
Jan. 11, Sun., lighter air, Constellation
Jan. 15, Fri., Evantagram Centerboard Regatta, Lake Pleasant, RC
Jan. 16, Sat., AYC 49th Birthday Regatta, RC
Jan. 17, Sun., AYC Birthday Regatta, RC
Jan. 22, Thu., ferry Black Magic north from Marina del Sur to Rock Canyon
Jan. 23, Fri., tuning Black Magic with Zorro on Constellation
Jan. 24, Sat., Frostbite Regatta, 3 races, redress after going to get aid for holed J/24, also skipper/crew meeting and evening club meeting/awards presentation
Jan. 25, Sun., ferry Black Magic back south to mast up, plus kayaking in the waves

Fleet flashes --
USA 125 at mast-up
1 kayak in Albuquerque, 1 at Rock Canyon
Mac 26 Syzygy at Mallard Lane, now has engine and can move to Warm Springs
USA 367 awaiting parts and assembly
2 Sunfish in E. Butte, 1 in Albuquerque, rest in Heron and need parts
Gerald's Laser 2 in Abq. needs boom and gooseneck
19' Cat needs balsa to re-do cockpit decking and bulkheads
rowboat needs trim renewal/teak oiling



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