Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Mexico Sailing Clubs, Yacht Clubs, and Boat Clubs

The list of New Mexico yacht clubs, sailing clubs, and boat clubs is taken from the upcoming edition of the Cruising Guide to the Southwest

USSAIL, column 1 -- membership in US Sailing by Area, membership in regional sailing assn.
Reciprocity, column 2 – Club offers reciprocity to visitors from other clubs (Yes),
nights of free/discounted slips or moorings, listing in yacht club reciprocity directory
Name, Contact, col. 3 -- contact info for the club
Facilities, column 4 -- description of facilities owned



Name, Contact


Area F, SAIL

Y 2/5

New Mexico Sailing Club
PO Box 1795,
Bernalillo, NM 87004

Rich Koch, commodore
Ernie Newman, v. comm.
Lisa Carlson, secy.
George Soto, treas.

110-slip Heron Lake Marina May-Oct., pavilion, grills, tables, pumpout, addl facilities in state park incl. mast-up storage & pole; offers races, social events

Area F, SAIL

Rio Grande Sailing Club
PO Box 13953,
Albuquerque, NM 87192
toll-free 866 834 3697

Buzz Biernacki, commodore
Pat Byrnes, vice comm.
Carol Anne Byrnes, secy.
Charles Arasim, treas.

Operates mast-up storage at Elephant Butte State Park, sponsors races & activities



Boat Owners of Cochiti,
600 Willow Ct. SE, Albuquerque NM 87123
Contacts: Dusty Arrington
Ed Vernon (president)
Howard Kercheval (secretary)
Sandy Harrington (treasurer)

Owns 52’ houseboat used as clubhouse, negotiating for marina concession

New Mexico Tech Sailing Club
NM Tech, Socorro, NM 87901
Contact: Brent Meins

Owns J24

Dawg House Boaters
(Marina del Sur,

Elephant Butte Lake, NM)

El Butte Sailors Club /
Windrider Sailors

PO Box 1097,
Butte, NM 87935
Contact B Jones, Treas. Freddyfrog at zianet . com Hansinnm at myway . com

Rio Grande Sailing Club burgee

New Mexico Sailing Club burgee


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