Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Still alive...

...even though it's been a couple of weeks since the last post. A quick review of the calendar shows that we've been hopping here.

13 Pat served as PRO/race committee for Jack and Jill race (lost anchor in debris in 60 feet of water). CA raced with Zorro on Etchells USA 38 in Jack and Jill; Tadpole raced with Bonnie Blue on USA 125.
14 loan closing
18 Heron Marina; supported diver, positioned and attached cross-trusses.
Tadpole to Order of the Arrow conclave.
19 Anniversary Cup distance race and Etchells fleet race for Pat & CA with Penzance
20 more Etchells fleet racing; another three races. Then hauled out Black Magic, de-rigged, towed boat north 150 miles to Albuquerque.
24 towed Black Magic north to Heron Lake after Tadpole's final final exam
25 rigged & launched Black Magic, worked on Heron Lake marina, rigged gangway, worked on path
26 worked on marina, raced in Heron Lake distance race, first over line and first on corrected time
27 New Mexico Sailing Club potluck dinner and club meeting at marina, helped rig and launch another boat, worked on marina, drove south 320 miles to Elephant Butte
28 packed and removed furniture and personal items from rented doublewide mobile home, removed kayak, tools, boat supplies, fenders, etc., from marina slip, then sailed for three hours on Zorro's Etchells, "Constellation". Drove home to Albuquerque with utility trailer of household goods.

This coming week:
Dockmaster duty for Carol Anne and Tadpole. race committee volunteering at Carter Lake Open for Pat.


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