Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lake Pleasant FS Regatta 3, Saturday, Oct. 20, III: Wanna' see more boats?

4210. Mark set boat ahead of Dave & Wendy's mini-Transat Open 6.50

4211. Mini-Transat Open 6.50 and Arizona Yacht Club mark-set motorboat

4212. Open 6.50 showing some underbody -- appendages are painted bright orange for safety.

4213. Really hot angle as the Mini (Open 6.50) responds to a big puff

4214. Catalina 22 no. 15092 ("Pinyon") in a wake

Saturday's racing had a good variety of boats participating in the third day of fall series racing at Lake Pleasant. The only bunch missing were the catamarans, who showed up the next day.
4215. Catalina 22 "Pinyon" (made-up name because there wasn't a name given)

4216. Melges 24 533 "Flashpoint" approaching the "X"mark while a Viper begins to round the mark

4217. A bunch of sportboats tear through the water with the J/80 Kicks in center

4218. Sportboats all clumped close together

4219. Sportboats rounding the leeward "X" mark

4220. Panoramic view with Rolling in the Deep rounding the x mark and a Thistle in the background

4221. Rolling in the Deep catches a blast (Hobie 33)

4222. PHRF handicap fleet encounters the J/80 "Kicks"

4223. Plenty of power for "Rolling in the Deep"

4224. J/80 no. 54 "Kicks" begins the third leg of her race

4225. Merit 25 "Dream On" approaches the finish as her bowman watches

4226. Thistles 3521 and 3763 in the sun

4228. Two Thistles pass outside the X mark

4229. Catalina 22 4521 "Spirit" leads the way to the Catalina 22 start

4230. Evelyn 26 no. 585 "Bitchen" and Merit 25 no. 1111 "Circuitous"


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