Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday after the Sunrise Regatta; Constellation

"Zorro" on Constellation

After the awards ceremony for the Sunrise Regatta, I dropped off Carol Anne to where she could catch a nap and grade papers and then I drove to the Rock Canyon Marina to ferry our MacGregor, Syzygy, south to the ramp near Marina del Sur. Winds were light, and the club's committee boat needed to be towed south; it's motor had quit on Saturday morning. Of course, winds came up quite a bit, making the tow much more awkward.

At least I did get a good luck at "Zorro" and his International Etchells, Constellation, as he passed by the ungainly tow. Soon, the winds built up to where he had to return to the marina; single-handing an Etchells can be quite hairy when the waves are crashing.

Despite a healthy crosswind, I managed a creditable double-boat solo docking of Syzygy and her towed burden. Then I got to see the last few stages of one of our club's cruising boats being retrieved, the Hunter 30 Salud. After that, it would be my turn to be surprised by the motorboat's tilt control not working and the motorboat requiring some oddball desperate jury rigging to be retrievable.


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