Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mini Update: the tuning seminar and sailing with cats

The beginning of Saturday's race tuning seminar was slowed by a lack of wind but "Zorro", "Dumbledore", and some of the rest of us were able to discuss Etchells and J/24 tuning and also work on tuning the rigs on a couple of cruising boats. We (Carol Anne, "Husker", and I) had a brief sail to bring "Black Magic" to the marina.

We then sailed out in light wind; Carol Anne and I with Zorro on his boat. For quite a while we suffered minimal wind that was just enough to keep us going with steerageway. A crew from one of the other boats gave up and got a short tow back to the marina. But, then the breeze filled in and we got some nice sailing in 5 to 10 knots of breeze from the SSW, making trips up and down the lake. We sailed past an encampment of Hobie (TM) cat sailors and exchanged greetings, then put up the chute for a long downwind run to the marina. All in all we enjoyed a few hours of good sailing with the breeze softening just as we approached the marina.


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